The 毕业办公室 evaluates transcripts and other educational records for the purpose of awarding degrees and certificates.


招生服务(招生 & 记录, Graduation and Transcript Departments) mission is to serve as a continuous resource for students throughout their academic experience. 

注册服务作为一个招生资源, 注册事务, 学习成绩及成绩, 体育学院间的资格, 请愿书, evaluation of transcripts for the purpose of awarding degrees and certificates, 注册验证, 并制作出及时准确的文字记录.  Enrollment Services is committed to a positive student experience and offers a variety of accurate, 非常高效。, 并利用各种资源和技术提供快捷的服务.


毕业在线应用 申请



Commencement - The ceremony held at the end of each 春天 term to recognize degree and certificate achievement. All students who apply for graduation are eligible and encouraged to participate in the ceremony. Participation in the annual Commencement ceremony does not indicate the completion of your degree or certificate.

Graduation - The official awarding of a degree or certificate to a student's records after all degree requirements and proficiencies are met. 学生必须申请毕业才能获得学位或证书. 请参阅毕业办公室或网站了解更多信息.


Cumulative GPA - A grade point average consisting of 365app coursework and the articulated coursework from other accredited schools attended.

Cumulative GPA for Graduation - A grade point average consisting of degree applicable 365app coursework and the articulated coursework from other accredited schools attended.  累积平均绩点为2.0分(平均C分)才能毕业.


申请文凭或证书不需要任何费用. All students are issued one original diploma and/or certificate per degree at no cost.


回顾你的学位要求和教育计划. It is recommended meeting with a counselor to ensure you are meeting all the degree requirements. The 毕业办公室 cannot advise students of specific coursework to complete degree requirements.


Confirm with a counselor to ensure that all your degree requirements are met.

确保你已经申报了你的专业. 如果没有,那么在招生和记录部填写表格.

Ensure all official transcripts from other schools or institutions are on file.

在线完成毕业/证书申请. 申请可以通过美国大学在线提交.S. 邮寄或亲自到毕业办公室.

A preliminary evaluation will be sent to your 365app email account showing the courses completed and in progress that meet the degree requirements. 找出获得学位所需的具体课程, 查看适当的365app目录或咨询顾问.

A final evaluation is completed and will be sent to your 365app email account once the graduation term has ended and grades are posted. 如果没有达到学位要求,将通过电子邮件通知学生. If a student did not meet the degree requirements, it is recommended they meet with a counselor. Not having all transcripts on file and articulated will delay the evaluation process.

Degrees and Certificates will be posted to a student's records so official transcripts can be requested from the Transcript Department.

Students will be notified by email when Diplomas and Certificates are available for student pick-up.


申请可以由毕业办公室亲自递交,也可以由美国大学提交.S. 邮件,或者通过毕业网站. Priority app申请 processing is September 6th for 春天/Summer graduates and February 14th for Fall graduates. 注册护士必须在第二学期结束top提交申请. 


  1. 请访问大学理事会的网站 http://apscore.collegeboard.org/scores and submit a request for an official score report to be sent to Antelope Valley College.
  2. 完成一个 非传统课程作业评估 在毕业办公室填写表格,授权使用你的AP分数.

AP credit is applied to a student’s record after the student has completed a semester at 365app. 如果学生还没有完成一个学期, 分数是在第一学期结束后的6到8周内加上的. The 毕业办公室 will notify students by email once the scores have been added to their 365app records.

In some cases, a student’s scores will not be added before the next registration cycle. It is recommended that a student obtain a copy of their scores from the College Board web site and discuss with a counselor if a pre-requisite may be waived.


The 365app catalog lists the course equivalent to the approved AP exams in the 学术政策/程序 目录部分. Students are also encouraged to discuss with their counselor how the scores can be applied to their 365app degree.


个别AP成绩不会出现在学生的正式成绩单上. What does appear is a single line item with the total number of units allowed. Students are advised to submit an official score report to any college or university they attend after 365app.

Students will be able to see the course equivalent for each exam on their unofficial transcript located on the student’s web site.


如果学生打算转学到加州州立大学或加州大学, we recommend that they review the specific college’s website to determine how that school will evaluate AP scores. Some colleges and universities require a higher score to meet a course requirement. Unit amounts per exam may differ from how many units 365app will allow from how many units a transfer school will allow.



Make sure that the most recent official transcript has been received by 365app. 一定要在你的毕业申请上注明所有参加过的学校.


Degrees and certificates are awarded at the end of 春天, Summer, and Fall terms.


365app手机版下载每年举行一次毕业典礼. 毕业典礼将在网上举行 羚羊谷大学YouTube频道 5月7日,星期五, 2021,晚上7点。.m.(而非亲自到场) 



Cap and gowns can be purchased at the 365app Marauder 书店 beginning the week after 春天 Break.  帽子和长袍上都有流苏. 优等生的流苏可以在书店单独购买.


Yes, unless you have elected to have your information marked as confidential. 家庭受教育权 & 隐私法(FERPA), your name will not be added to the commencement brochure if you have elected your information to be confidential. To see if your records are marked confidential, please see 招生和记录. The annual brochure lists those students who are scheduled for graduation during the current Fall, 春天, 和夏天. If a student has earned their degree before those terms, they will not be included in the brochure.


365app记录上的名字将出现在你的文凭上. 请到招生和记录处, 位于学生服务大厅, 更新你的名字, 地址和/或保密状态.


我们鼓励所有本地毕业生领取他们的奖项. 学生必须携带有照片的身份证.




当校园不开放给学生办公室参观时, 由于COVID-19, 学生可以要求邮寄他们的文凭和/或证书. 学生必须使用他们的365app电子邮件申请这项服务. 将电邮发送至 graduation@digitalimageautorotate.com 包括以下内容:姓和名, 365app ID, 所获文凭及证书, 当top的邮寄地址, 和电话号码.