可接受使用协议(AP 3722)

365app手机版下载(365app)提供了对其计算的访问, 通讯和信息资源. These resources are the property of 365app and support the delivery of the college's academic mission and accordingly, 应该负责任地使用它们. 这些资源包括物理数据通信网络和所有计算机, 打印机, 连接到网络的扫描仪和其他硬件, 以及所有的系统软件, 电话系统, 以及互联网接入方式. 关于计算, 365app手机版下载的通信和信息技术资源, 所有用户理解并同意以下条款:

  • 该地区的计算, communication and information resources are provided for the support of its educational and service goals and the use of such resources for other purposes is prohibited. 然而, incidental personal use is permissible so long as: (a) it does not violate 状态 or federal law or 365app policy, (b)消耗的系统资源不多, (c)不会影响学生或地区雇员的工作效率, 并且(d)它不抢占任何地区活动. All users of district information technology resources and services shall abide by this policy along with any local, 状态, 以及可能适用的联邦法律. 所有用户均须遵守本政策的两项规定, 以及任何特定于它们使用的单个系统的策略.
  • 保护计算资源的完整性, 密码, 接入码, 或者帐户名不能与他人共享. 另外, 密码 will be subject to complexity requirements and users will be required to change their 密码 periodically.
  • 大多数教育材料(商业和地区员工创建, 包括软件)受版权保护. Any violation of the rights of a person or entity protected by 复制right law is prohibited. 的未经授权的复制, 安装, 或分配计算机软件利用地区的计算, 通讯和信息资源是特别禁止的. Unauthorized software installed on district owned computers will not be supported and may be removed if deemed necessary.
  • Users may not connect any system/equipment or install software which could allow any user to gain access to the district’s system and information without coordinating with 信息技术服务 (ITS).
  • Users may not use district resources for conducting a private business or for personal financial gain.
  • Intentionally sending or accessing pornography or patently obscene material other than for authorized research or instructional purposes is prohibited. “色情”和“淫秽”的定义应由法律确定.
  • Computer and information technology users should consider the open nature of information transferred electronically, and should not assume an absolute degree of privacy or restricted access to such information. The district provides the highest degree of security possible when transferring data, but disclaims responsibility if these security measures are circumvented and the information is compromised.
  • 区域不对数据丢失负责, 时间延迟, 系统性能, 软件的性能, 或因使用地区计算资源而引起的其他损害.
  • 授权地区人员可以, 在执行常规或调查行动时,可以获得数据, 包括电子邮件, web浏览器的信息, 以及任何其他储存在地区电脑上的个人资料. 学生工作站须接受例行监察. 附在学生工作站上的电脑屏幕, 特别是那些上网的人, may be periodically viewed by district personnel to monitor compliance with district policy. 然而, the district shall not routinely or arbitrarily monitor incidental personal use of district resources by employees. Neither the district nor any employee shall disclose the contents of any observed personal data to any other person or entity except as required by law or Board Policy.
  • 应避免对网络资源造成过度压力的活动. Conducting activities such as Peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing or use of any other similar technologies is prohibited and subject to 纪律处分.
  • The confidentiality of student and employee information is protected under federal and 状态 law and/or regulations. Any information regarding students or employees that might be accessed in the course of using an 365app computer may only be shared with those who are authorized to have such information. 员工和学生可能不会改变, 改变, 复制, 或泄露任何此类信息,除非需要执行任务.
  • Employees and students should ensure that their workstation is logged off or locked before stepping away from the computer.

Users found in violation of the district’s computer and information technology use policies, 会受到纪律处分吗, 如本文档执行部分所述.


  • 把密码泄露给别人,让别人使用你的账户.
  • 使用别人的账户. Utilizing network or system id numbers/names that are not assigned for one's specific use on the designated system.
  • 试图授权, 删除, or 改变 files or systems not created by oneself without proper authorization as described in the Computer Use and Electronic Mail Guidelines.
  • Not complying with requests from 365app personnel to discontinue activities that threaten the integrity of computing resources.
  • Attempting to defeat data protection schemes or to uncover security vulnerabilities.
  • Connecting unauthorized wireless access points and other computer equipment to the campus network without coordinating with ITS. (如pda等设备, 打印机, and USB drives that connect to a computer and not directly to the network are acceptable.)
  • 注册365app手机版下载IP地址与任何其他域名.
  • 未经授权的网络扫描或试图拦截网络流量.
  • 恶意破坏,如将计算机病毒引入校园网.
  • 骚扰或威胁校园网的其他用户.
  • Using district resources for partisan political activities where prohibited by federal, 国家或其他适用法律.

确保计算机和通信资源的完整性和可靠性, 我们鼓励所有用户报告不正当使用和违反本协议的情况. Individuals may report suspected violations of this agreement to an 365app faculty member, 主管或管理员(视情况而定).


Individuals may report suspected violations of these guidelines to an 365app supervisor, 教员或行政人员(视情况而定). Reports of violations that are received by ITS will be forwarded to the appropriate supervisor or administrator.

Disciplinary action may be taken in accordance with one or more of the following: 365app policies, 加州法律或美国法律.

Minor infractions of these guidelines or those that appear accidental in nature are typically handled internally by the appropriate supervisor or administrator, 谘询资讯科技署. 在某些情况下,这可能是必要的, 然而, to suspend account or computer access to prevent ongoing misuse while the situation is under investigation.

更严重的违规, 例如未经授权的使用, 试图窃取密码或数据, 未经授权使用或复制已获授权软件, violations of college policies or repeated violations of minor infractions may result in the temporary or permanent loss of access to computing facilities.

明显违反当地法律的行为, 状态 or federal laws will result in the immediate loss of access to computing resources and will be reported to the appropriate law enforcement authorities. 除了, 纪律处分, 直到并包括解雇, 是否适用于其他365app保单, 指导方针或集体谈判协议.